Helping the homeless one podcast at a time
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Greg Voisen, Podcast Host/Philanthropist
About Greg Voisen
Greg Voisen, creator and host of Inside Personal Growth, is an author, creative consultant, and thought leader in the human potential movement. Inside Personal Growth was born out of Greg’s passion for personal growth and mastery. He continually strives to improve his own life – spiritually, emotionally, and physically – as he learns from the hundreds of authors interviewed on this website.

Your donation helps to brighten up their day and hopefully make a difference.

Volume 1:

Watch how four homeless people started living on the street.

Greg gave a $100 gift card to each person interviewed, so they could buy groceries & other necessities.

Volume 2:

Watch how five homeless people started living on the street.

Greg gave a $100 gift card to each person interviewed, so they could buy groceries & other necessities.

How your donations are assisting Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Your financial support recently  purchased bicycles for refugee children.

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and serving the underserved populations of the homeless. Greg combs the streets of San Diego County looking for individuals that could use a hand and help with their basic needs. He gives away $100 gift cards and more to brighten their day and hopefully make a difference. This is a grassroots organization just helping and serving by doing good deeds for others who are less fortunate.

Inside Personal Growth was founded in 2007 by Greg Voisen the host of the show. His passion for helping people have their message heard has turned into a 15-year vocation with over 940 author interviews on books and topics of personal growth, wellness, spirituality, and business. Inside Personal Growth is linked to his non-profit Compassionate Communications Foundation. Every donation received from authors who appear on the podcast goes to serve the homeless populations of San Diego County.
“Greg Voisen not only hosts Inside Personal Growth, one of the best podcasts online, his foundation does incredibly valuable work providing for the homeless. I can’t wait to do more together.”
– Steven Hoffman, author of Surviving A Startup & The Five Forces
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“I LOVE that Greg is using his fine podcast to help the homeless and giving us all the opportunity to help too.”
– Roger Walsh MD, University of California